Trial Sneakers

Test Sneakers and immerse yourself into the GameFi world with EZZY Game. Get your first EZY tokens and join the competition.
Do you want to test right now how EZZY Game works?
Download the app and get trial Sneakers of any rarity type without EZY. Start your training or log into the game to immediately receive your reward.
Trial Sneakers generate the same reward as the game Sneakers.
  • To receive a Trial Sneaker reward, you must deposit tokens and take real game Sneakers for the same amount you took the Trial Sneakers for.
  • Important: Only deposits of NEW EZY TOKENS and the taking of Sneakers for those NEW TOKENS count towards the Trial Sneaker reward. In other words, the difference between all deposits and withdrawals/exchanges is counted.
Who can get Trial Sneakers?
Trial Sneakers are available ONLY to new users who have never got Sneakers of other types (except for Test Sneakers) before. If you have had at least 1 pair of game Sneakers before, you WILL NOT BE ABLE to get Trial Sneakers. If you try, the system will fail.
How many pairs of Trial Sneakers can I get?
5 pairs. One pair of each type of rarity. You can get 5 pairs at once, but when they expire, you will not be able to take new Trial Sneakers anymore.
What reward do Trial Sneakers bring?
You use Trial Sneakers the same way you use game Sneakers — to walk and play the game. The NET reward from Trial Sneakers is calculated the same way as for game Sneakers: the total amount of the reward you get minus the amount required to get Sneakers. For instance:
If the amount required to get Sneakers is 10,000 EZY
And the total amount of reward they bring — 11,000 EZY (if Durability is 10 days),
The NET reward is 1,000 EZY (11,000 EZY - 10,000 EZY).
I walked in Trial Sneakers and used only 1 Energy unit, then I got game Sneakers for the required amount. What reward will I get?
You will get a NET reward for 1 Energy unit you spent walking/playing. For example, you can get Epic Trial Sneakers for 10,000 EZY and they will bring 11,000 EZY. The NET reward you get if 10 Energy units used is 1,000 EZY (11,000 (reward) - 10,000 (required amount). As a result, if 1 Energy unit is spent, the NET reward is 1,000/10 = 100 EZY.
Thus, the NET reward will depend on how many Energy units you will use in the Trial Sneakers BEFORE you get real Sneakers. If you spend 2 Energy units playing / walking, you will get 200 EZY, and if you spend 10 units — 1,000 EZY.
I have finished my Trial Sneakers. How can I get a reward for them?
Deposit the required amount of all Trial Sneakers you have to your account and get real Sneakers. You can do this at any time and in any combination.
For example, you had Legendary and Epic Trial Sneakers whose Required Amount is 15,000 +10,000=25,000 EZY. You need 25,000 EZY to get real Sneakers. For example, today you can get Common Sneakers for 5,000 EZY; a week later, you can get Legendary Sneakers for 15,000 EZY; 2 weeks later, you can get another pair of Common Sneakers for 5,000 EZY. As a result, as soon as the amount reaches 25,000 EZY, the reward for Trial Sneakers will be unlocked.
I got Trial Sneakers for 2,500 EZY, then I got real Sneakers for 500 — what's the reward? Or I got Trial Sneakers for 10,000 EZY, generated a reward of 8,800 EZY and got real Sneakers for 8000 EZY — what's the reward?
The reward in these cases will be locked. To unlock the reward, you will need to get game (non-trial) Sneakers for the same amount you got Trial Sneakers for, as described above.
Do the tokens received in the game itself count towards the unfreezing of the Trial Sneakers reward? For example, if I take 20,000 EZY worth of Trial Sneakers, and then take gaming Sneakers for 10,000 EZY. I will use them for 10 days and then take gaming Sneakers again for 10,000 EZY. Will I get a total of 20,000 EZY and will my Trial rewards be unlocked?
No. Tokens received within the EZZY Game do not count toward unlocking the Trial Sneakers reward.
Only deposits of NEW EZY TOKENS and getting Sneakers for those NEW TOKENS count. The difference between all deposits and withdrawals is taken into account. In other words, even if you withdraw tokens received in the EZZY Game, deposit them again and get new Sneakers, it will not count towards the unfreezing.
If my referral gets Trial Sneakers, will I get a point?
No, you won't. You get points only for real (in-game) Sneakers. In other words, you will get +1 point only when your referral gets real Sneakers after they get Trial Sneakers.
Additional Information
You can take one pair of trial Sneakers of any rarity type, that is, you can take 5 pairs of Sneakers at once: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary — and you can train or play for 50 minutes a day (10 minutes is each Sneakers). However, to unlock your reward, you will then use the entire amount in EZY generated by the trial Sneakers.
For example, you can take:
• 1 pair of Uncommon Sneakers for 4,000 EZY
• 1 pair of Rare Sneakers for 6,000 EZY
• 1 pair of Legendary Sneakers for 10,000 EZY
In this case, to unlock the reward, you will need to get game (non-trial) Sneakers for 20,000 EZY. These can be two pairs of Legendary Sneakers for 10,000 EZY or four pairs of Uncommon Sneakers for 5,000 EZY. Or any other combination. If you get gaming Sneakers, for example, for 15,000 EZY, all of your rewards will still be frozen. Then get another 5,000 EZY worth of gaming Sneakers and it will immediately unfreeze.
After you get the game (non-trial) Sneakers, the Trial Sneakers become unavailable.
— Trial Sneakers become unavailable after you get at least one pair of real Sneakers.
— Trial Sneakers are unavailable to the users who already received game Sneakers before (they are only for beginners).
If you get game Sneakers before Durability of the Trial Sneakers expires — the reward will still be unlocked and made available to you. But you will receive a PURE reward for the walks you have taken.
— Let's say you picked up an epic 10,000 EZY Sneakers with a Daily Power of 1,000 EZY and a Durability of 10 days and spent only 1 Energy to try them out. The Pure Reward for 10 Energies is 1,000 EZY (11,000 - 10,000 of the original amount to receive). As a result, for 1 Energy, the PURE reward is 1,000/10 = 100 EZY.
— This means that if you, for example, walk or play in the trial Sneakers for 5 out of 10 days (you will spend 5 energies), you will receive a pure reward of 500 EZY for these 5 days.
If your referral takes the trial Sneakers, you will be awarded points only after he gets the real game Sneakers.
Trial Sneakers — for new users and an easy start