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Trial Sneakers

Take Sneakers for a test drive and immerse yourself in the world of GameFi with the EZZY Game. Get your first GEZY tokens and join the competition.
In the EZZY Game, you can first test the principle of earning rewards for training or playing with Trial Sneakers. Trial Sneakers are divided into exactly the same classes as in-game sneakers - Beginner, Starter, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. GEZYs are not required to obtain them.
How trial Sneakers work:
  • You can grab them right after you sign up. They allow you to workout or play to accumulate rewards in GEZY.
  • Rewards received from trial sneakers are frozen.
  • To unfreeze the reward - you need to get gaming (not trial) Sneakers for the specified amount of GEZY tokens.
  • Only the net reward from the trial Sneakers is unfrozen. The rest of the tokens are burned.
Important: to get the reward from the trial Sneakers, only top-ups of NEW GEZY tokens and the acquisition of Sneakers for these NEW tokens are taken into account.
For example, if you took the trial Sneakers for 45,000 GEZY, you need to top up your wallet with at least 45,000 GEZY and use it to get gaming Sneakers. Only then will the net reward from the trial ones be unlocked.
Who can take trial Sneakers?
Trial Sneakers are available ONLY to newcomers who have never received a gaming Sneaker before. If you have ever received at least 1 gaming Sneaker before, you CANNOT receive trial Sneakers.
How many trial Sneakers can I take?
1 of each rarity. You can take all 7 at once or less.
What kind of rewards will Trial Sneakers bring?
Trial Sneakers bring a Net Reward, not the entirety of what you got from walking or playing the game.
Net Reward is the reward minus the GEZYs needed to get the Sneakers.
For example:
  • You received trial Sneakers for 27,000 GEZY with a Durability of 10 days and a Daily Power of 2,835 GEZY.
  • In 10 days, they will yield 28,350 GEZY. The 27,000 GEZY is not counted when unfreezing, your net reward will be 1,350 GEZY.
  • If you spend 5 Energies instead of 10, you will already get 675 GEZY - this is your net reward for 5 days.
This system is applied to every trial Sneakers.
I did the trial ones, how do I get a reward for them?
You need to deposit the amount of all taken trial Sneakers to your wallet and get game Sneakers for this amount. This can be done at any time and in any combination, gradually or all at once.
For example, you've walked off legendary and epic trials: 27,000 +15,000 = 42,000 GEZY. Now you need to use 42,000 GEZY on gaming Sneakers. You can use 7,500 GEZY on the uncommon ones today, pick up the legendary ones for 27,000 GEZY in a week, and pick up another uncommon ones for 7,500 GEZY in another week. Eventually, once the total reaches 42,000 GEZY - the net reward for the trials will unfreeze.
I took the trial for 2,500 GEZY, did the whole thing, but got the gaming ones for 500 GEZY - what's the reward? Or I took the trial for 10,000 GEZY, did 8,800 GEZY, got the real ones for 8,000 GEZY - what's the reward?
The reward in these cases will be frozen. It will unfreeze only when you receive gaming Sneakers for the amount you took trials for as described above.
Do the tokens received in-game count towards unfreezing the reward from the trial Sneakers? For example, if I take the trial sneakers for 20,000 GEZY, then deposit 10,000 GEZY, then get gaming Sneakers for 10,000 GEZY. Does that make it 20,000 GEZY in total and unlock the trial reward?
No. Tokens received as part of the EZZY Game do not count towards unfreezing the reward from the trial Sneakers.
Only deposits of NEW GEZY TOKENS and receiving Sneakers for those NEW TOKENS are counted. That is, even if you withdraw tokens received in the EZZY Game, re-enter them and get new Sneakers - it will not count towards unfreezing.
If my referral took the trial Sneakers, do I get credit for them?
No. Only gaming Sneakers will count. So you will get +1 point only when your referral gets gaming Sneakers after the trial.
Additional Information
If you get gaming Sneakers before the Durability of the trial runs out - the reward will still be unfrozen and available to you. But you will get a NET reward for the walks you have taken.
- Let's say you picked up Epic trial Sneakers for 10,000 GEZY with a Daily Power of 1,000 GEZY and a Durability of 10 days and only spent 1 Energy. As a result, for 1 Energy, the NET reward for 1 Energy is 1,000/10 = 100 GEZY.
- So if you, for example, walk or play in the trial Sneakers for 5 out of 10 days (spend 5 Energies), you will get a net reward for these 5 days - 500 GEZY.
Trial Sneakers — for new users and an easy start