EZY Tokenomics

The tokenomics of the P2E / M2E EZZY Game ensures the stability of the ecosystem and the exchange rate of the EZY token. Smart tokenomics is the foundation of a successful crypto project.
EZY is an in-game token EZZY Game used for all operations inside the fitness game and on the project's website. It is used to get Sneakers and is also credited as reward for training or playing.
EZY is based on the high-performance, popular and transparent BNB Smart Chain blockchain. Accordingly, to pay transaction fees in EZY, you must have BNB coins. The transaction fee will be small and not particularly noticeable for most users.
  • Initial token supply — 2,000,000 EZY
  • Initial exchange rate on DEX: 1 EZY token — 0.05 USDT
At the time of launching the app, a pool of liquidity was created on the decentralized exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap for EZY paired with USDT for a total amount equivalent to about 100,000 USDT (1,000,000 EZY and 50,000 USDT). However, the liquidity tokens are locked, as they say in the crypto world, so that the EZZY Game team do not even have the technical capability to take liquidity and disappear, push the exchange rate down and/or commit some other unfair action that none of the users will obviously like.
Another 1,000,000 EZY are distributed as follows:
  • 500,000 EZY was sent to the special bot on PancakeSwap. Its goal is to ensure the maximum possible stability, preventing sharp fluctuations in EZY exchange rate.
  • 500,000 EZY were sent to the deployer wallet (the game's special internal wallet, also known as the hot wallet) used to reward users who train and play using the Sneakers.
EZY emission is unrestricted — users get new tokens as a reward for walking or playing. However, to ensure maximum stability, the owner’s wallet (smart contract owner) can technically be used to both generate new tokens and burn the excess.
In simplest terms:
  • If demand for EZY grows and more and more people get Sneakers and then withdraw the reward, new tokens can be minted via the owner wallet (owner of the smart contract) and sent to the deployer wallet (creator of the EZY smart contract, aka the game's hot wallet) for further payment of the rewards to these players.
  • If the smart contract deployer's address contains too many tokens, we will destroy the excess by burning tokens via the owner's wallet to stabilize the rate or create a moderate deficit.
10% of the EZY tokens used to get the Sneakers is sent to the developers and used for further app development. As the EZZY Game ecosystem grows, the internal commission of the game will decrease to 5%.
All EZY tokens the developers get from internal game commissions will be exchanged for other tokens gradually and as carefully as possible for the tokenimics. They will be directed to the maintenance and development of the EZZY project on a weekly basis, namely:
  • EZZY development support (remuneration for the developers and the team, payment for servers and other operating expenses)
  • Technical improvement of EZZY Game
  • Adding liquidity to DEX
  • Marketing activities
EZY tokenomics is well-balanced and focused on stability