EZY Tokenomics

The P2E and M2E tokenomics of EZZY Game ensures the stability of the ecosystem and the exchange rate of the GEZY token. Thoughtful tokenomics is the key to the success of a cryptoproject.
GEZY is an in-game token of EZZY Game, which is used for all transactions within the fitness game and on the project's website. It is required to obtain Sneakers and it is also accrued as a reward for training and playing.
GEZY is powered by the high performing, popular and transparent BNB Smart Chain blockchain. As such, you must have BNB coins to pay transaction fees with GEZY. Transaction fees will be small and not particularly tangible for most users.
  • Initial issue of tokens - 10 000 000 GEZY
  • Initial exchange rate to DEX - 1 GEZY token - 0.06 USDT
  • GEZY smart contract address - 0x2c8d970d7c8c878db422c422c4bcd7d2542104ecfa2c
Initially, a liquidity pool was created on the decentralized exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap v3 for GEZY paired with USDT for a total equivalent of about 360,000 USDT (3,000,000 GEZY and 180,000 USDT). At the same time, the liquidity tokens are locked until 2025, so that the EZZY Game team does not even have the technical ability to take the liquidity and disappear with it, lower the exchange rate and/or perform any other unfair action that none of the users will obviously like.
Another 7,000,000 GEZY are distributed as follows:
  • 6,000,000 (60% of the initial issue) are directed to a special bot for PancakeSwap for the BNB Smart Chain. Its task is to ensure the highest possible stability, preventing sharp spikes in the exchange rate of GEZY to other tokens. It is important to understand that the bot is not a guarantee of a specific exchange rate and is not a panacea, but a support for the smoothest possible fluctuations and maximum possible stability. That is, it is only a helper, which is not able to protect against fluctuations, for example, during a big panic ("panicsale").
  • 1,000,000 (10% of the initial issue) is allocated for marketing and other activities related to the development and popularization of EZZY Game. The goal is to steadily and continuously expand the user base of the project.
GEZY issuance is unlimited - users receive new tokens as a reward for walking or playing. But for maximum stability with the help of the wallet of the ovner (smart contract owner) it is technically possible not only to create new tokens, but also to burn the surplus.
To put it simply:
  • If the demand for GEZY grows and more and more people get Sneakers and then withdraw the received reward - it is possible to mint new tokens through the owner's wallet to be sent to the hot wallet of the game for further payment of the reward to these players.
  • And if there are too many tokens on the game's hot wallet - we will destroy the excess tokens by burning through the owner's wallet to stabilize or create a moderate deficit.
  • In addition to this burning is envisioned as part of tournaments or other activities - a portion of the prize pool can be withdrawn from circulation and irrevocably destroyed to reduce the supply of GEZY token in the market.
For some operations in EZZY Game, primarily exchanges, a small fee is charged in addition to the BNB Smart Chain network fee and is directed to the developers for project development.

EZY Token

In parallel with the GEZY token, which is focused on maximizing stability in the long term, another token, EZY, is also used in the EZZY Game ecosystem.
  • EZY is more volatile and has slightly different mechanics. It can be used for a variety of experimental mechanics.
  • Sneaker collections in the EZY token often have reduced Durability and increased characteristics, so users can get high rewards in EZY tokens in a short period of time.
  • However, due to high volatility, EZY token is more risky in terms of stability.
  • That said, there are deflationary elements in EZY tokenomics, including a complete stop of issuance after a certain amount of time.
The address of the EZY smart contract — 0xb452bc9cead0b08c4ef99da0feb8e10ef6bb86bb
Our main goal is to achieve stability and minimize excessive spikes in liquidity withdrawals to one side or the other on DEX.