Economic model

The economic model of EZZY Game has been carefully developed by economics and mathematical experts. This model ensured the stability of the game.
The economic model of the EZZY Game project is designed in a way that allows to:
  • encourage stable and steady demand for EZY from the community;
  • reduce the likelihood of excessive liquidity withdrawal from the EZY/USDT pool and resulting negative consequences;
  • reduce the likelihood of oversupply or excessive deficit of EZY tokens and subsequent sharp fluctuations of EZY exchange rate against other tokens.
To achieve this, the following has been integrated:
  • Dynamic system for creating new Sneakers (each new series will have a different number of available Sneakers)
  • Correlation Correlation of the amount required to get Sneakers from new series and the current EZY exchange rate against USDT and other tokens
  • Burning the excess of EZY tokens
  • Complete "breakdown" of the Sneakers over time (Durability dropping to zero)
  • We are also developing a mechanism which will increase the liquidity of EZY
Thanks to these mechanics, the demand for EZY has a chance to smoothly exceed the supply in the long term, which will lead to the withdrawal of tokens from the liquidity pool and, as a result, could have a positive impact on the token exchange rate against other tokens, such as USDT. At the same time, the limited number of available Sneakers will allow us to restrain overly high demand for EZY. Our main goal is the stability and moderate development of EZZY. “Pumps” and “dumps” of EZY will not lead to anything good (proven by the experience of many other projects).
Everything is also calculated in such a way so that there is no big impact on the EZZY ecosystem from the "whales" — major players. For example, the injection of, let's say, 1 million USDT tokens into the token pair on DEX may positively affect the EZY exchange rate against USDT in the short term, but in the long term such a "whale" could collapse the token. It is to combat this that the number of Sneakers is limited, and the amount in EZY you need to mint them will always be dynamic. Even if the user wants to get all available Sneakers to generate maximum possible number of EZY tokens, they will not be physically able to train 1,000 hours a day.
The Durability parameter is another extremely important component of the EZZY Game economy. Due to the complete "breakdown" of Sneakers, after the time has elapsed, there will be no overabundance and, as a result, at some point there will not be a situation when too many EZY tokens are generated. That is, users will not be able to use a lot of old Sneakers and accumulate more and more Sneakers in order to generate more and more tokens. Thanks to the Durability parameter, the number of EZY tokens generated will allow the demand for the tokens from the community to absorb the supply.
How will the change in the calculation of the amount in EZY you need to get Sneakers from the new series work? Example:
  • When the app was launched, getting Common Sneakers cost 2,000 EZY at the exchange rate of 0.05 USDT.
  • If the EZY exchange rate rises to 0.1 USDT, you will then need 1,000 tokens to get Common Sneakers from the new series.
  • If the EZY exchange rate drops to 0.01 USDT, you will need 10,000 EZY for getting Sneakers.
The dynamic change in the amount of EZY tokens you need to get Sneakers, as well as their limited number in each series will allow us to maintain the demand for EZY from the community in an acceptable range.
In addition, we have created a special bot configured to work on PancakeSwap for the BNB Smart Chain network. Its goal is ensuring the maximum possible stability while preventing both a sharp rise and a sharp drop in the EZY exchange rate against other tokens. It will use the reserve of 500,000 EZY and part of the internal game commissions collected from minting to smooth out the sharp exchange rate fluctuations. It can automatically exchange both EZY for USDT tokens and USDT tokens for EZY — that is, do the two vital things to ensure the maximum possible stability.
Since BNB Smart Chain is a completely open and transparent blockchain, the veracity of all declarations can be checked in real time through blockchain browsers — just like tracking all actions with the EZY token.
Limited number of Sneakers is designed to ensure long-term stability of EZY