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I2E Partnership Program

Invite your friends to join Paly-To-Earn EZZY Game to gain extra benefits. 20 Sneakers of your friends will bring you a nice gift.
Invite-to-Earn (I2E, “Invite and Get Rewarded”) is another unique concept implemented in EZZY. With the help of I2E, users can expand their collection of Sneakers by inviting new users.
  1. 1.
    In EZZY Game, you have a unique invitation code that you can give to a friend, acquaintance, relative or any other person to register in the app.
  2. 2.
    When this other person registers using your code and gets new Sneakers, you get one invitation point.
  3. 3.
    As soon as you get 20 invitation points, you get the opportunity to get one new pair of Sneakers and not to spend GEZY on it.
In other words, by inviting 20 people to the EZZY app, you can get one pair of Sneakers as a gift.
To make it all fair, the user will be able to use the I2E program to get free Sneakers of the same class as minted by his friends and acquaintances who registered in the app using the invitation code. For example, if 20 people have registered with EZZY Game using an invitation code and have received Common Sneakers, then one pair of Common Sneakers will be available to the inviter as a gift. If 20 people have received Rare Sneakers, then the inviter will receive Rare Sneakers.
However, if a user invited 20 people and they received 10 pairs of Common Sneakers and 10 pairs of Rare Sneakers, then no Sneakers will be available to the inviter as a gift. To get one pair of Sneakers of a certain class, you need to have 20 pairs of Sneakers of the same class received for this invitation code. That is, each pair of Sneakers has its own scale with invitation codes.
Trial Sneakers do not participate in the affiliate program. No points are awarded for them.
Invite-to-Earn - exercise, play, and generate GEZY with friends