How EZZY Game Works

Learn more about the Proof-Of-Walk algorithm used in Move-To-Earn EZZY Game. Rewarding users with EZY tokens — how it works.
We have developed an algorithm — Proof-of-Walk — which allows users to mine EZY during training. This algorithm tracks user activity using an accelerometer (a special sensor in a smartphone that records changes in acceleration when the device moves in space), the Internet and geolocation and rewards EZY tokens based on the data received. In order to mine (get) EZY through training, you have to do three simple things:
  • Download the EZZY app, register in it and allow access to geolocation.
  • Deposit the EZY tokens to the internal wallet and get the Sneakers which will generate even more tokens after the training.
  • Go outside, turn on the training session and start moving (walking/running).
The Proof-of-Walk algorithm tracks your activity and rewards you with EZY tokens every minute. Immediately after the training, the user can exchange EZY for other tokens, for example, USDT, use them to get new Sneakers, save them for a bigger purpose, or send them to friends and acquaintances. EZZY Game has no delays and the like.
In addition to training, we have added the capability to generate EZY tokens in a simple game, thus having integrated the P2E mechanics into the M2E application. This is convenient if the weather outside is bad, you are not well or do not want to train for other reasons. Just activate the game and catch EZY tokens while sitting on your couch and moving your Sneakers using the buttons on the screen.
EZZY combines the best mechanics of popular M2E and P2E apps while also having no excessive features that would distract you from getting EZY tokens and make the app too complex and confusing. This is EZZY Game's main highlight.
Proof-of-Walk — your every step or game round will be rewarded