Training mode

What is Training Mode in Move-to-Earn EZZY Game. Training Mode details, tech specs and rewards in GEZY tokens for walking.
In training mode, users turn on the training session and start moving outdoors at a speed of 2 to 20 km/h (this is the speed of usual walking or jogging). You make your own decision on how fast to move — regardless of what kind of Sneakers you have.
The app monitors your activity and, based on the data received, charges GEZY tokens. The reward size depends on the Daily Power of Sneakers – a fixed indicator that determines the maximum possible reward for training per minute and in total per day.
For example, if the Daily Power of Sneakers is 10 GEZY, the user can get 10 GEZY tokens per day (1 GEZY per minute). During 10 minutes of the training session, the user is credited with GEZY — 10% per minute.
In other words, a user with one pair of Sneakers with the Daily Power of 10 GEZY needs to train for 10 minutes every day to get the maximum possible number of GEZY tokens. It's easy, fast and convenient.
But you don't need to be limited to a single pair of Sneakers — a user can have multiple pairs of Sneakers at once and each pair will have its own Daily Power. Simply put, using multiple pairs of Sneakers at once, you can significantly increase both your reward and training time.
During the exercise, the Sneakers change automatically (which, by the way, is another nice feature of EZZY Game) — you do not need to stop every 10 minutes, select other Sneakers and turn on the training session again. The EZZY Game app will automatically update information about the current Sneakers and training and display the data on your smartphone's main screen.
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