Game Mode

Game modes in Play-To-Earn EZZY Game. How to play the game and get GEZY tokens for it. Check it out and start getting rewarded.
In addition to M2E, EZZY Game app has also integrated another concept – Play-to-Earn. It allows EZZY Game users to receive GEZY tokens not only through training, but also in a simple game that does not require them to go outside. You can find it on the home screen in the app. Just start the game, catch the falling GEZY tokens by moving your Sneakers using arrows and then withdraw your reward and use it as you see fit.
To get a reward in the game, you need to catch 25 "coins" per minute. If you catch fewer coins, the reward is not credited, but Energy is not subtracted either (see info about Energy below). Thus, to get the daily reward for one pair of Sneakers, you need to catch at least 25 "coins" during 10 minutes. If you do nothing, the game will pause automatically.