Anti-Cheating System

Cheating to earn Move-To-Earn EZY tokens in the EZZY Game is not allowed. Play fair to avoid any penalties.
We have been studying the M2E app market for a long time in order to understand which vulnerabilities of the Proof-of-Walk game algorithm can be exploited by unscrupulous users. Based on the data obtained, we have developed and tested a special system to protect ourselves against cheating. It monitors user behavior in real time and collects the necessary data to be able to punish perpetrators for trying to deceive EZZY Game.
The only way to fairly receive EZY as a reward for playing or working out is to use the same account on the same phone.
Examples of cheating:
  • Using multiple accounts on one phone.
  • Walking around with the workout turned on on multiple phones at the same time.
  • Creating any ways to simulate play and movement (including riding a vehicle/electric scooter/bicycle, attaching your phone to animals, and so on).
Examples of actions that are allowed and are not penalized:
  • To walk with friends with an activated EZZY Game workout on each phone.
  • To walk with more than one phone, but only if the EZZY Game workout is activated on one of them.
We urge all EZZY Game users to behave honestly and decently, refrain from breaking the rules and trying to cheat the app for some purposes. Let's form a fair community of healthy and happy people. To encourage creation of a fair community, we will punish the perpetrators — starting with the deactivation of active Sneakers and ending with complete blocking of the account.
Honesty and decency are the basis of EZZY Game