Sneakers Collections

EZZY Game P2E Sneaker Collections. Learn more about the possible characteristics of the different collections and join the exciting competition.
All sneakers are exclusively available in limited edition collections. A released Collection may be updated at different intervals. For example, one Collection may feature:
  • 500 Starter Sneakers
  • 250 Beginner Sneakers
  • 100 Common Sneakers
  • 80 Uncommon Sneakers
  • 50 Rare Sneakers
  • 30 Epic Sneakers
  • 10 Legendary Sneakers
In order to get such Sneakers, you need to do it before others. If a user has not managed to get Sneakers from a certain collection, he/she will be able to do so in the future, for example, as part of another collection or after an update of a released collection.
The amount to get Sneakers in new collections can be adjusted depending on the demand for GEZY token, so that all users of the game (old and new) are in equal conditions. And the collections themselves are released in such a way as to maintain stability of tokenomics and not to create excessive pressure on the token, or, on the contrary, not to create excessive scarcity. Roughly speaking, to protect the token from sharp fluctuations as much as possible - not to collapse it or overestimate its value in the eyes of users.
As previously mentioned, each user can have any desired number of Sneakers. But keep in mind that each Sneaker must be used to train or play for 10 minutes a day in order to get the maximum reward. The more Sneakers - the more training and games.
That is, if a person received 10 Sneakers, they need to walk or play for 100 minutes a day for each Sneaker to bring the maximum reward.
Moderate Sneaker Shortage = GEZY stability