All about game Sneakers of the EZZY GameFi app. Details of EZY token crediting and Sneakers acquisition by users at the Factory in the app.
So, we studied the experience of similar apps and decided to make EZZY Game as simple and convenient as possible, without overloading it with complex mechanics and unnecessary GameFi elements that would only complicate the process and prevent you from focusing on the main thing. Even a blockchain industry rookie will be able to understand all the advantages of EZZY Game and start mining (getting) EZY tokens for walking/jogging or playing the game in just a few clicks.
In the EZZY Game, everything is as simple as possible — you need to get Sneakers, which differ in:
  • Required Amount — amount EZY you need to get Sneakers.
  • Daily Power — how many tokens they generate per day.
  • Durability — how many days they can generate EZY tokens.
Immediately after that, you can go outside or play the game to get EZY tokens. See the sections below for details about the Daily Power, Durability and other parameters (yes, there are actually a little more of them).
To get Sneakers, you need to use EZY tokens The game has five classes of Sneakers
  • Common Sneakers
  • Uncommon Sneakers
  • Rare Sneakers
  • Epic Sneakers
  • Legendary Sneakers
The higher the class of the Sneakers, the more EZY you need to get them and the more EZY they will bring as a reward for training and playing.
New users can get Trial Sneakers and use them to test the game — and then make the decision on whether they want to get real game Sneakers or not.
You can review the current list of Sneakers, the amounts it costs to get them and their parameters at the Factory.
The better the Sneakers, the greater the reward