Energy of Sneakers

Energy of M2E Sneakers in EZZY Game allows users to train / play a game in the app every day. Strategies for effective Energy usage.
1 Sneakers allow you to spend 10 minutes working out or playing game per day. Now, let's figure out how it works from the technical point of view.
The 10-minute mining mechanism is based on Energy — a special indicator that is gradually depleted during the training or game. Each pair of Sneakers generates 1 Energy per day. Energy is depleted at a rate of 0.1 times per minute along with the accrual of rewards in GEZY tokens. Thus, 1 Energy is consumed during 10 minutes of training or playing the game. That is, Energy is the time given for training or playing and mining GEZY.
If a user has multiple active pairs of Sneakers, it means they have more Energy available per day. For example, if you have 10 pairs of Sneakers on your account, you will have 10 Energy units, that is, 100 minutes of daily training or playing. In simple terms, the more Energy, the more you need to train or play in order to get the maximum possible amount in GEZY.
Energy is fully restored once a day at 00:00 GMT (at the same time for everyone). Everyone decides for themselves what time of day they want to train or play. You can use all Energy at once or in parts. For example, you can spend two Energies in the morning, two – at lunch and two – in the evening. Or you can spend all available Energy in a single training session or a few games — as you wish.
Energy can be carried over to the next day and thus up to 10 Energy can be accumulated on each Sneaker. So you don't have to practice or play every day. If you don't spend Energy on some Sneakers today, tomorrow they will have 2 Energy, the day after tomorrow - three and so on up to 10. The main thing is to spend Energy before the Durability drops to zero (otherwise all unspent Energy will be burned).
More Sneakers — More Energy — More reward