Durability of Sneakers

Durability determines the lifetime of Sneakers in P2E EZZY Game. Users get rewards daily as a result of EZZY Game's mechanics!
Each pair of Sneakers has Durability — the number of days during which the Sneakers can be used for training or playing and getting GEZY. One Durability unit corresponds to one day of training or playing. For example, if the Durability parameter is 11, the user can use their Sneakers for 11 days in a row.
Every day, Durability is reduced by one unit. Training or playing does not affect this in any way. The user can train or play the game in the Sneakers or not train or play the game — Durability will still go down. That is, Sneakers lose Durability every day regardless of whether you spend Energy or not.
When Durability drops to zero, Sneakers stop generating GEZY for training and playing. In other words, they become inactive — they can no longer be used. By the way, this mechanism is very important for tokenomics because it does not allow users to generate tokens indefinitely in the same Sneakers and thus put a growing and accumulating pressure on the market.
Thus, in order to receive the maximum possible reward, the user must move or play in all their Sneakers for 10 minutes every day. Of course, they may choose not to do this, but in this case they will not receive any reward for training and playing while Durability will still drop by one unit.
This system encourages users to be active every day not to miss the opportunity to get the reward and remain fit (if you generate tokens through training).
Don't forget about the transfer of Energy. If you were very busy and couldn't spend it — do it the next day. The main thing here is that the Durability of the Sneakers should be above zero; otherwise, the unspent Energy units will be burned.
Training every day ensures good health and a stable reward