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Daily power

Daily power of GameFi Sneakers in EZZY Game. The unique parameter that allows all users of the app to get rewards in GEZY tokens for walking or playing.
Daily Power is an indicator that reflects the reward limit in GEZY per day. For example, with Daily Power of 10 GEZY, the user can generate (receive) 10 tokens per day, provided that they train or play in the Sneakers for 10 minutes (that is, they receive 1 GEZY per minute).
As for the training mode, the mining reward may not be credited to your account during the training due to the following:
  • Weak GPS signal — to accurately determine the speed of movement, you need a good GPS signal. If the GPS signal is bad, the reward may not be credited.
  • Unstable Internet connection — similarly to GPS, you need a good stable Internet connection to accurately track the speed of movement.
  • Going beyond the pre-set speed range — you need to move at a speed of 2 to 20 km/hour in each pair of Sneakers. If you move at a speed below 2 km/hour or above 20 km/hour, no reward is awarded.
However, if no reward is awarded for 1 minute of training due to a weak GPS signal, unstable Internet connection or going beyond the speed limit, Energy is not subtracted either. The same applies to the game mode — if you do not catch 25 "coins", you will not receive a reward for this minute, but Energy will not be subtracted either. In other words, you can never "go in the negative" (spend more GEZY tokens for getting the Sneakers than you will get for training and playing games), provided that you spend all your Energy. See info about Energy below.
The higher the class of the Sneakers, the greater the reward every day