What is EZZY Game?

Key information about the M2E and P2E EZZY Game project. The concept of the app, the tokenomics and economics of the game, and other information on the game and the GEZY token.
EZZY Game is a M2E (Move-to-Earn) and P2E (Play-to-Earn) app featuring Web3 elements where you can get GEZY tokens by walking or running in the open air (M2E) or playing a simple game. In training mode, the EZZY Game app uses the special Proof-of-Walk algorithm which tracks user activity and rewards users with GEZY tokens.
As an M2E app, EZZY Game is based on the Fitness Mining concept ("train-to-mine tokens") which integrates the best practices of the blockchain industry and a healthy lifestyle. Thus, EZZY Game users are rewarded for their daily activities so training, such as just walking or running outside, becomes both healthy and exciting. For the cases when the weather is bad or the user has no desire to train, we have integrated P2E mechanics — users can play a special game catching "coins" and receive their daily reward.
Simply put, EZZY is about moving in the street or playing a game from the comfort of your couch and getting rewarded for that without any complications: it's fast, simple and convenient.
To start a training session, you need NFT Sneakers that allow you to mine (get) GEZY tokens. To get the reward, you do not need to engage in long exhausting activity — you can just walk at a comfortable speed (2-20 km/h) or play for 10 minutes a day.
Thus, EZZY pursues the goal of popularizing Web3 — decentralized Internet based on the blockchain and token economics. Your every step becomes not only a way of moving around, but also a real mining machine.
Our M2E and P2E game was named EZZY Game(from "easy") because it's simple, easy-to-use and accessible. We tried to make our product as simple and convenient as possible for each person so it has no complicated and useless GameFi mechanics. It's extremely simple: get Sneakers for GEZY tokens, walk or play in them, get GEZY tokens as a reward. Then, you can repeat the cycle — get new Sneakers to walk or play in them. No maxing out levels, attributes, additional gear to enhance training effectiveness, no dividing the classes of Sneakers into different speed modes and other complex components inherent in other M2E and P2E games.
In other words, we didn't add functions to EZZY just for the sake of adding them. We have only left the necessary functions, removed all those unnecessary and developed our own features.
The internal app token has the GEZY ticker. It is based on the fast, high-tech BNB Smart Chain blockchain. Thanks to this, transactions will be fairly quick, with low network fees, and you won't have to worry about security.
Fitness Mining — train or play and mine get EZY tokens
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